“We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want.”
–Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup


Veganism is definitely on the rise, and it seems that with more and more people embracing this approach to life, there is a more significant demand for businesses that take an ethical and vegan approach to what they offer.

Are you someone who is thinking about setting up a vegan business? Not sure where to start with your business? To help inspire you, we have put together 100 inspiring vegan startup ideas that might inspire you!

1.A vegan lifestyle consultant
With more and more people deciding that they want to become vegan, it makes sense that they are going to need to have somewhere to help them transition into the lifestyle and make informed choices each step of the way. If you have been vegan for some time and you feel comfortable guiding others in their choices, then this is a great way to set up a business. You could offer an online support network or perhaps a one-to-one face to face approach, whichever suits your personality and skills.

2. A vegan Personal Trainer- Helping to show that protein isn’t something to worry about when getting fit are building muscles.

3.A vegan Events Organiser- We all like events when they are organised with us in mind!

4. A vegan Copywriter- Saying the right thing to the right people is of utmost importance and understanding the plant-based market is key in any business, say the wrong thing and your customer will go somewhere else.

5.Vegan gift baskets and hampers
Finding gifts and food hampers that are suitable for a vegan can be tricky. This is why setting up a vegan gift basket or hampers company is a great idea. You can source vegan products, perhaps looking in your local area and then put them together to make a variety of gift baskets and hampers, all of which fit in with vegan choices.

6.Vegan cleaning company – More households now have a cleaner due to time restraint, which means that running a cleaning company has become a great business start-up idea, across the board. However, there does seem to be a lack of vegan cleaning companies out there. Those who only use vegan products to clean and tidy up their client’s homes.

7.Vegan pet food products
Being a vegan doesn’t have to stop with just yourself, you can switch your pet to a vegan lifestyle too and help them to feel the benefit. That said, there are not a lot of vegan pet foods out there that you can choose from. If you are passionate about pets and feel that you have the creative flair to make some pet food products for them, then why not make this your vegan business startup idea?

8. A maintenance company that does those jobs that the cleaner doesn’t do but need doing regularly like clearing the gutters and caulking the bath and replacing the batteries in smoke alarms only use environment-friendly materials.

9. Vegan home cooking School -Perfect for those who are new to the lifestyle, or who are stuck on things to cook, people can learn more about the things that they can cook themselves and try them out at home.

10. Vegan Pie Stand- Start a market stall selling them frozen and see which ones are popular, then take these to the wholesalers.

11. Vegan Donut, Cookies, Ice cream and Milkshake shop

12. Vegan special occasion cake maker – it hard to find cakes in shops that are vegan and near me at least there seem s to be a lack of vegan cake makers

13. Vegan children nutritionist- Children need to get the right nutrients and are a parents top priority

14. Vegan Sports Nutritionist- as an athlete you want the best that you can get and will pay for the best advice.

15.Vegan Social media consultant- This is a huge time drain for many business owners.

16. Vegan Vets- Love pets and love animals then you want a pet doctor who feels the same as you

17. Vegan Wellness coach for busy mums- teach which foods reduce inflammation as well as the power of mindful eating.

18.Vegan MIlk delivery service- its a service that could be renewed in this era of nostalgia add ripe avocados and you have a winner

19. Vegan Takeaway Delivery service, when you want vegan food it can take a while finding the options, it would be great if you could just go to one place to choose.

20. Vegan Hot dog stand- everyone loves hot dogs at events, don’t mention vegan too much and you’re bound to sell to everyone.

21. A vegan cafe – because you can never have enough vegan cafes in the world

22. Vegan-friendly bar or nightclub like the amazing Vegan nights in London

23. Food truck doing vegan burgers, hot dogs.

24.Premium organic vegan restaurant with innovative recipes.
25. Vegan wine and cheese box subscription.

26. Vegan craft beer delivery service with a subscription model.

27.A freelance website designer for vegan business.

28.Online Bookkeeping service for vegan entrepreneurs.

29.A Bussiness Photography service compassionate companies.

30. Become a social media manager for vegan businesses.

31. Offer copywriting services to help build the profile of vegan entrepreneurs.

32. Vegan fish tank supplier- fitting pretend fish tanks that are really UHD screens.

33.Vegan Linkedin platform.

34. Vegan cleaning company – using natural cleaning products.

35.A vegan tour company offering tours of your city.

36. Vegan vending machines- should already be in hospitals and schools.

37. The Dog Parker is actually a thing, where you can safely put your dog rather leave him outside shops where he could get dog knapped.

38. Specialise in project managing vegan shop fit-outs.

39.Vegan Housesitters- because vegans don’t want dead animals in their home while they’re away.

40.A personal chef who does amazing vegan food from scratch.

41.A Catering company specialising in delivering tasty vegan sandwiches to local vegan business and their veg-curious neighbours.

42.Childcare or Nanny service.

43. Ethically produced animal toys for pets where you could partner with a charity- buy one give one to a sanctuary type thing.

44. The Activist survival kit- activists give up their lives to change the world and need a way not to burn out if this is something that you provide in a kit, course or other please do!.

45. Vegan PR agencies- if you understand the media world help vegans gain traction in this space.

46. Ethical head hunter -a recruitment service that finds the right people for the job.

47.A Vegan photographer who specialises in vegan events.

48. Become a personal shopper- help old or disable people or even the rich and busy get the food they need.

49. A vegan affiliate and monetisation website.

50. Vegan drop shipping, find a cruelty-free product and start selling.

51. Vegan blogger, talk about your journey and see what happens.

52. Write a vegan book and self publish it.

53. Offer a training course to teach something your skilled at with a vegan twist.

54. Drone operators that specialise in gathering animal and environmental footage.

55. Millennial generational expert- teaching old school companies the values of their young workforce.

56. An Instagram photographer- getting photos for your IG can be a full-time hassle, a service that takes excellent IG photos is a handy service.

57. Start a youtube channel- got something to say then get it out there and see if its something people resonate with.

58. An online clothing store- create some cool designs and see whether people like them, don’t make any until you have orders though.

59. Start a delivery service that just does vegan food.

60. Wall art decoration with a save the planet theme.

61. Vegan SEO manager- keywords are the secret source to help vegan business’s rise above the competition.

62. Vegan Public speaker- get paid to talk.

63. Vegan Comedian- everyone wants to have a laugh and jokes are a language that can break down barriers.

64. Confidence coach- we all need confidence if we want to speak up for the animals, this is a service that brings huge value to many lives.

65. A Vegan Speaking Coach- teach others the skills and techniques to approach the issue of veganism.

66. Create an Environment-friendly packaging company.

67. A Vegan taster, start a blog tasting stuff then offer your services to companies wanting to get into the market.

68. Personal assistant for entrepreneurs in the plant powered space.

69.A graphic designer who specialises in creating graphics for vegan business.

70. Open an animal sanctuary that teaches the benefits of plant-based living.

71. Life coaching- teaching an ethical way of living.

72. Bed and breakfast offering vegan food and bedding

73. Menu planning services for restaurants and hotels unsure what to offer vegans.

74. Study to become a holistic health professional that serves the community using natural cruelty-free practices.

75.Vegan Fashion Blogger for men.

76.Online vegan sneaker retailer.

77.Bamboo clothing line specialising in everyday garments.

78.Organic, fair trade and vegan line of jeans.

79.Tailored vegan suits for men.

80. Start a vegan underwear company

81. Write a series of books for kids that will educate them about the issues of the world in a child-friendly way.

82.Vegan VC (venture capitalist) for those who can afford to invest.

83. Open a charity shop or non-profit organisation.

84. Pet food that doesn’t involve killing any cows to feed pugs, because it’s not natural however you look at it.

85.Vegan Bride blog producing fantastic content and advertising ethical wedding brands and services.

86.An online course teaching people how to cook vegan food at home.

87. Sustainability managers- sustainability is now a massive issue that companies are starting to take seriously but don’t have a clue where to start. This is why they need you!

88. A podcast that interviews vegans in your chosen field of interest.

89. Develop a dating app that accurately connects vegan soulmates.

90. Create a concierge service in the form of a mobile app that connects all of the local ethical tradespeople with vegan customers.

91. Design a line of solar-powered smartphone accessories.
Invent sustainable materials to be used in various industries.
Cosmetics & Beauty

92. Create a vegan makeup line, fair trade, organic and eco-friendly (let us know when you do).

93. Build a vegan-friendly and chemical free nail polish company.

94. Start a meet up in your area and get local vegan businesses to sponsor you.

95.Host vegan cooking workshops in a specific niche- i.e. vegan Italian or Vegan Korean.

96.Host vegan business workshops in your town or online.

97. Host sustainable clothing workshops- teach others the benefits of cruelty-free and low impact materials that are available today.

98. Start an investment fund specifically for ethical businesses.

99. Create a vegan jobs boards website.

100. Make the company you currently run or work within as vegan as possible, look for things that could be replaced or problems you could solve and do the research your self, this will also help you with your ideas process I’m sure!

Remember that when starting any new business, what the problem that you can solve is?

What are your business ideas?

I would love to hear any ideas, failures and success stories you would like to share so others can learn from them.

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“Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy, it’s not an obsession.”
–Mark Cuban, serial entrepreneur and investor