Join Us In Creating A World Where People Live Their Purpose 

The way we have been brought up today makes no sense and is not helping us to be our best selves.

At EMPA7HY, our mission is to teach humanity the lessons that should have been taught in School.

 “Education has the power to change lives.”

Our Mission Is To Create a Global Consciousness Through Personal Transformation


The journey began With A Simple Realization…

In 2016, Doug Womack had just got married, bought a home had a small business, pretty good for someone who’s teachers had said he wouldn’t amount too much. On the surface Doug was happy, but he didn’t feel it, in fact, he was depressed and suffering from social anxiety. Without realising it, he was running away from these issues, it wasn’t until a close friend committed suicide after being struck with a life-altering disease that it really brought it home.

 Life and good health aren’t guaranteed for anyone, he had two options let life pass him by or find a way out.

With a drive to honour his friend, he set about consuming and practising everything he could get his hands on. Using these self-taught tools learned from a wide array of global teachers he quickly transformed into the person who he had known was always at his core.

With this profound experience of transformation, he wanted to help others get the same from their life. 

So in 2018 the idea for Empa7hy was born, using the profits from his construction business and working all the spare hours available the journey began.