7 lessons we can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 per cent.”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

1. Set Goals
Arnold set goals from a young age.
This way you know where you are going, without a destination the chances of getting there are zero.

2. Use what you have
When Arnold was starting out in the USA to help fund his Bodybuilding, he and a friend set up a bricklaying business. They used the exoticness of being European to gain clients’ trust.

3. Invest in your self
Arnold invested heavily in courses from acting to maths and finance. This kind of thing you don’t often hear about, but it’s a key component to success. While most people spend money on the pleasure, he invested in his most valuable asset: himself.

4. Take control
Before Arnold got into movies, he began investing in property, he saw opportunities due to the current climate and quickly made good money buying and renting out properties. He did this so that he wouldn’t be forced to take roles that weren’t going to help his career.

5. Be Your Self
Arnold was a big guy with a strange accent – definitely not your typical Hollywood leading man of the day.
So Arnold turned his strangeness into his Niche.
Don’t try to hide your differences be proud of them and don’t be afraid to use them as your assets.

6. Be Mindful
Meditation was starting to gain popularity in Hollywood around the time that Arnold was beginning to feel overwhelmed with his success.
He took up Transcendental Meditation – 20 minutes twice a day – and soon found that he could disconnect from the problems of day to day life.
He even used meditation techniques while working out in the gym.

7. Letting go
More recently Arnold gave up meat and urged others to do the same. The reason he gave was information he had learned about the enormous detrimental environmental impact.
Giving up something that had been a massive part of his identity would have been hard for someone with an enormous ego as he would be aware that he could be called a hypocrite but real success comes from the freedom to change and adapt along with our life’s journey no matter what others may think.

You have to start slowly; you can’t just convince people to stop eating meat altogether. It’s an enormous challenge, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, and you shouldn’t be on that campaign, but it’s a tough thing to overcome.

Arnold Schhwarzenegger