Focus on being productive instead of busy

Tim Ferriss

When building a Plant Powered business, the end goal can often feel overwhelming. You start to develop a to-do list to tackle it in small steps, but these small steps begin to mount up and before you know it you have 1000s of items to action.

All these priorities can be overwhelming; you see a massive pile of tasks that need doing and start to feel overwhelmed, and before you know it those 1000s of tasks seem impossible to manage.

Chunking Your To-do Lists

What you might have already done is chunking, you’ve taken your business plan and turned into manageable chunks. The only problem is each new piece of information we put into our short term memory mean another chunk gets pushed out.

It’s estimated according to Miller (Miller, G, A (1956) The magical number seven, plus or minus two: limits on our capacity for processing information.) that seven pieces of information are our limit.

It is no wonder that we struggle with big lists and get overwhelmed.vegan overwhelm

However, there are ways around this:

Create Larger Chunks

– with your 100 tasks on your to-do list, look for similarities and start putting them into categories altogether, for instance –

Exercise, walk the dog, buy fruit and veg, meet a friend for coffee can all go into External Life

Upload to social media, make social media content, reply to social media comments, Create marketing strategies adds for facebook again can all go into the Social media category.

Emails – urgent, non-urgent, personal, work again all in one Categorie


Once you have created, chunk categories try to build a schedule, use a calendar app like google calendar and schedule in a daily routine and stick to it.


For example:


6 am at the gym,

7am meditation/ gratitude,

7:30 am breakfast,

8 am content producing

1 pm lunch/ dog walk

2 pm- only important emails

3pm client calls/ meetings

7pm-emails, whats app, slack,

8 pm dinner

9 pm reading/ learning


Stop trying to multitasking

Multitasking or as it should be named Switch tasking.

This strategy will increase your productivity if you’ve ever been struggling with overwhelm when multitasking this is why.

Multitasking or switch tasking has been shown to slow down the rate at which one completes tasks.

Each time you switch it takes time to get back into a flow state, its estimated around 40% of our potential productivity is lost due to task switching.

Get Help

Try apps that let you block time and provide a timer to track your time spent on each task.

Turn off notification while working to avoid interruptions that will throw you off track.

Clear your space 

A tidy workspace creates an environment with a lot fewer distractions and will help you focus on the important stuff.


Types of Multi-taskers

So whos more likely to be a task switcher, well according to four personality types are the most affected

1. Reward orientated people

2.The novelty of new things type people

3. Those who think they can multi-task

4.The easily distracted personality type



However, even if you have one of these personality types, there’s no reason that you can’t recover most of your lost productivity by chunking your todo list into larger chunks that are a similar type and then schedule these chunks of work into segments on your calendar.

Clear your space and your head will follow.


Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest
Leo Babauta