Vegan Entrepreneurs are going to rule the world and here’s why!

In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


Vegans and entrepreneurs are cut from the very same cloth in many ways here are just a few of the main traits that I believe set vegan entrepreneurs apart from the run of the mill wantrepreneurs and its the same essence of what made them go vegan or become an entrepreneur in the first place.

1. The Ability to Think Independently
Independent thinking is a crucial trait of vegans who have looked at the way society operates, the cultures that sound food, the myths that scare parents into forcing their kids to drink the breast milk of animals, the human-made narratives of being some apex predator that tops the food chain.

All these group ways of collective thinking and yet still vegans managed to wake up to the lies, and have walked the other way calmly while the crowd seems to scream in horror at the incredible new world that lies ahead where sausage rolls don’t contain any dead animal parts!

Entrepreneurs are no different they are those who have looked at the current state of a niche and questioned the why do we take that as a given why not improve that product or service why not make a difference by trying something new something that is a bit of a risk!

2. Focus on Others
Vegans want a better world for other’s whether this is a healthier family, vulnerable beings left in peace or the planet not being destroyed, vegans care about others.

Its this very trait that creates successful entrepreneurs, no entrepreneur (apart from a luck one) will ever build a successful enterprise by focusing on their own needs, no to be an entrepreneur you need to focus on a person then the problem they are having and then work out a way to help them overcome this problem!

3. Driven by Purpose
Both vegans and entrepreneurs are both motivated by a sincere desire to do something

more than sitting back and enjoy the ride of life as if the world owes them and not the other way around, they both want to take control and get into the driver’s seat.

Both want to find a sense of freedom from the constraints imposed upon them. Neither are the types of people who can just let the world happen to them. If there’s an injustice in the world, there’s a change maker nearby potting to make things better!

4.Risk Takers
Yes, risk-taking is not a good idea in many circumstances, like crossing the road with your eyes shut, you have very little to gain and lots to lose on the other hand vegan entrepreneurs have everything to gain.

From saving the world to ending the exploitation of animals and providing for your family a good life it’s always worth the risk of being unpopular with a few close-minded idiots.

5. Focus on what is important
Entrepreneurs are experts at putting all their focus into one place as they know that spreading your self too thinly will mean that you become a jack of all master of none.

Vegans no doubt are good at doing this also, they avoiding listening to the trivial and focus on the big issues that veganism tackles.

6. There is no other way!
There has been a considerable amount of successful entrepreneurs who were only concerned by material profit and the shareholder’s greed and would stop at nothing no matter who they hurt, whether or not land was destroyed or how many had to die for their insignificant gains.

To bring about change it is so important for us to step up and start businesses, become influencers and thought leaders because only when the world is influenced by compassion will we start seeing the change that this planet so desperately needs.

And with the combined force of those two mindsets driving this revolution, we will be unstoppable!

If you have any more reasons to add, please put them in the comments below.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.